2021—The Ram

The elusive rams showed themselves on Friday afternoon. After spending hours this past week searching for the band of rams we encountered on our first morning at Red Canyon Lodge in Flaming Gorge, suddenly there they were, three rams walking down the road in front of our cabins. As soon as we saw them, we were out our doors and down the road following them, being careful to play the game of respect with the sheep so that they got used to our presence. In the end, we spent five hours with them, from noon when they suddenly appeared until 5 PM when they decided it was time to return to wherever it was in the canyon they bedded down for the night. The three rams munched grasses, flicked their tails and flailed their hooves at the relentless flies that plagued them, then they lay down and napped, rose again, stretched and repeated this pattern over and over for hours as they moved around the grounds of the lodge. They accepted the four of us as we photographed their activities but bolted when a couple of teens careening on noisy scooters decided to drive past us and the sheep. Two lodge employees quickly intervened and admonished them so the scooter riders were forced to curtail their shenanigans and idle slowly past us until they disappeared not to return. What a fun afternoon spent getting to know these rams. This is the oldest of the three with the biggest horns. He’s flicking his rear hoof at the flies that seemed to be their constant companions. It was such a treat to spend the afternoon with these magnificent critters.