2019—Sierra Wave

We’re visiting Nevada to photograph Desert Bighorn Sheep. As their name implies, Desert Bighorn Sheep live in the desert…in this case, the high desert that is part the Great Basin which includes most of Nevada. The sheep photography experience has been phenomenal. I wasn’t expecting phenomenal landscape photography, but, thanks to a phenomenon called a Sierra Wave, we’ve had that, too. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, a Sierra Wave is one of the most spectacular lee waves, which occurs when westerly winds flow over the Sierra Nevada Range in California. We were on the lee side of the Sierra Nevadas and when strong winds kicked up Wednesday evening, we watched as a Sierra Wave developed before our eyes. By this time, the sheep we were watching by the lake moved up the slopes to spend the night so we were able to concentrate on the gorgeous skies. I’d never seen anything like this.

Nikon Z7, Nikkor 14-30 S

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