2021—Ephemeral Light

The light playing on the Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park is ephemeral. The light is in constant flux as the sun rises and reflects off the rocks and the shadows mold the vista. Together they create views that last mere moments and that change constantly offering fleeting glimpses that some never see. The best light that creates the most memorable and astonishing sights of the canyon is early morning. This shot was taken about 7:30AM, perhaps a half hour after sunrise that day. The light jumps around the Hoodoos, moving from spire to spire and within an hour or so, it becomes harsh and much of the magic is gone. Over the years I’ve seen many photographs of the Hoodoos in Bryce. They are always impressive and a rarity that illustrates how our planet was molded and changed through millennia. However the incredible magic that the ephemeral light creates and that I witnessed and photographed was beyond anything I was prepared to see. I was awestruck.