2021—Big Air, Coyote Style

Photographing the Coyotes in Yellowstone National Park in January has turned out to be one of the highlights of my photographic journey these past few years. The experience rivaled my visit three years ago when we photographed a pack of Gray Wolves at a Bison kill. While the experiences were quite different, the excitement was the same. And this year, we saw and photographed Coyotes each day we were in the park. This Coyote veered off the groomed roadway and up a small snowy knoll fairly close to where we stood. It sensed a vole under the snow and cocked its head to listen. The challenge for us was to anticipate the Coyote’s pounce and capture the peak of the momentum. The first pounce was unsuccessful but the Coyote emerged from the snowbank and launched a second time depicted in this photograph. Sadly for the Coyote, it came up short again. But it was marvelous to observe some “big air” Coyote style.