2021—A Glorious Universe

The painful memories of this day fourteen years ago when Ron passed away have faded a bit but I still think about him every day and the profound influence he had on my life. He would be happy to know that his numerous failed attempts at piquing my interest in serious photography have succeeded. Photography is now my passion and I jump at every opportunity I get to learn and practice this compelling art. I wish I could share my photographs with him. I imagine that if we can achieve “oneness with the Universe” then Ron has done it. Bryce Canyon gave me an opportunity to experience the vastness of the Universe and all its possibilities. A couple of days ago, we went out for our final early morning shoot of heavenly bodies before flying home later in the day. It gave me another chance to appreciate truly dark skies and see the myriad stars and the Milky Way Galaxy again. We stood at Sunset Point at 5AM, facing the tiny town of Tropic, Utah glowing on the horizon with the Milky Way spreading above it. What a glorious experience. What a glorious universe.