2021—Inspired at Inspiration Point

One can’t help but be inspired by Inspiration Point in Bryce Canyon Nation Park. The climb from the parking lot to Inspiration Point is steep and at more than 8100 feet in elevation, the half mile hike up can take your breath away. But once you’re there, the panting getting up there is worth the trip. This view looks east as the sun was setting behind me last evening. The clouds were an added bonus. We had spent a few hours at the point waiting for this moment. But the surrounding rock formations can inspire one’s imagination and create scenarios that make the visit there even more inspirational and fun. Our imaginations ran wild as we envisioned things in the formations that looked like Christmas tree forests and nesting Russian dolls and mermaids and hobbit houses and castles and more. They’re all somewhere in this vista waiting to be revealed through the inspiration of this magical place.