2021—Patience is not only its Own Reward

One of my challenges at Sax-Zim Bog this past week was to visualize what I wanted in my photographs before taking any shots. Sometimes I get excited and start shooting without thinking through what elements are needed to create a good photograph. Just because the subject is in my viewfinder doesn’t mean I should take a photograph. Thinking it through and patience makes a difference. Sometimes it is best to enjoy the moment and not to take photograph if the right elements are not in place. With this in mind, I watched the birds to figure out their patterns and where they landed. I found a perch they used with an uncluttered background, watched the light, and focused my lens. Then I waited for a bird to land there. When a female Pine Grosbeak finally landed on my chosen perch, then posed for a number of shots, I was prefocused and ready so I got the shot I was after. I took fewer photographs but better photographs because I was not randomly shooting and hoping for the best. Preparation and patience made a big difference. They say patience is its own reward but in this instance, I was also rewarded with the photograph I wanted to get.

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