“Nevermore” could be the chant “quothed” by novice Yellowstone Snowmobilers instead of the Raven from Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem when they realize their mistake of leaving enticing goodies on the sleds. Many inexperienced sledders return to their ravaged Snowmobiles after they have left food in an accessible bag when they visit some features in the Park. The Ravens in Yellowstone have become quite adept at ferreting out goodies left unattended. Flocks of ravens descend on parking lots as the inexperienced snowmobilers march excitedly off to watch Old Faithful erupt not realizing that as they watch the spectacle, the Ravens are waiting, watching them disappear, and creating a spectacle of their own as they wreak havoc. They make such a mess that is unlikely the Snowmobilers would ever again leave something enticing behind without first securing it.