2021—Patrolling the Fields

The Skagit River Valley area is filled with marshes and farm fields that attract predators like the Northern Harrier. Harriers like this one patrol the wetlands in search of a meal along with Short-eared Owls, Rough-legged Hawks, and Bald Eagles. There are frequent skirmishes as the different raptors vie for prey. Our second day here was a bit different from the first with fewer birds flying possibly due to the much colder temperatures. With clouds and overcast gray skies much of the day, our photographic opportunities were limited. This shot is from Day 1 when the Northern Harriers were in constant motion flying over the fields, crossing the roadway into the next field, and generally dominating the area until late afternoon when the Short-eared Owls made their presence known.

2 thoughts on “2021—Patrolling the Fields

  1. So good to see you and another great raptor shot! I visit that area from time to time. On weekends there can be a lot of people there!

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