2019—The Stretch

Birds stretch their wings and legs to relieve stiffness and tension because they spend so much time on their feet.  They seem to always stretch one wing and leg on the same side of the body in a slow, ritualistic way, usually followed by the opposite wing and leg.  My Red-lored Amazon does it and shore birds do it, too.  This Marbled Godwit stretches on the beach at Silver Strand State Park in San Diego the other day.  The beach is strewn with tiny clams with colorful shells that look like tiny butterflies when the shells are empty and scattered on the beach.  These clams are a tasty feast for the shore birds that were attracted to the stretch of beach because of them.

Nikon D500, Nikkor 500mm PF lens. Panning plate.


Silver Strand Day 4 4618-1.jpg

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