2019–Saved by a Nuthatch

It’s not the first time a nuthatch has saved the day for us. Once in the Blue Mountains of Oregon with no Great Gray Owls in evidence, a pair of nesting Pygmy Nuthatches made perfect subjects for our small band of photographers. And, this week it has happened again. After three days in the Flaming Gorge area of Utah with only a few distant sightings of a small band of our target Bighorn Sheep which were too far for away for decent photographs, we were itching to photograph some critters. The Red Canyon Lodge where we’re staying outside of Dutch John, UT, has some bird feeders so we decided to try our luck there. First to appear were our old friends, Pygmy Nuthatches but their cousins, the White Breasted Nuthatch, also were great subjects to focus on. They are frequently seen on the trunks of trees, often like this one, heading straight down.

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