Bobo has a new friend, Coco—that’s right—her new friend’s name is Coco.  And, no, I didn’t get another parrot. Coco, a 9 month old Red Headed Amazon, lives next door and looks almost like Bobo.   I knew my next door neighbor Liliana, age 11, got a baby parrot for her birthday a few months ago but I’d never met Coco until Friday when Liliana appeared at my door with Coco who’d injured his leg.  Liliana asked if I could fix it.  Well, I couldn’t.  But, my friends at the Roseville Bird & Pet Clinic could and they put a “cast” on Coco’s broken leg.  Coco’s been over to visit a few times since the injury but Bobo isn’t too keen on having green competition.  Bobo is curious about Coco but I’m not sure what she’d do if she were to get close so I don’t take a chance.   Bobo’s influence is felt, though.  Coco seems interested in hot, dried peppers just like Bobo is.  I sent him home with a bag of the spicy “chew toys.”





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