2018—Deja Vu All Over Again

Today, I’m traveling to Yellowstone National Park and the United States Government has shut down because the Congress did not pass a resolution by midnight yesterday to keep it operating.  Most government operations will cease.   During the last government shutdown in 2013,  I was on another photography trip to Grand Teton National Park.  On that trip, we never were allowed to enter the Park.   And, I thought the same thing was about to happen again.  I thought a government shutdown would prevent our entrance to Yellowstone National Park.   However, apparently a loophole will allow some of the national parks, including Yellowstone, to remain open with limited resources.  So, the trip is on.  But, the public restrooms will be closed.   Wish me luck.

This is a photograph of one of the pools in Yellowstone’s West Thumb Geyser Basin that I took in 2016.  Yellowstone is breathtakingly beautiful in winter and I’m looking forward to exploring Yellowstone in winter again.

Yellowstone Day 2-5392-1.jpg

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