Homer was  back defending his territory Sunday afternoon.  He wasn’t defending against other hummingbirds but against the pesky and persistent Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  It was quite comical to watch.  I went outside to try to capture some of the drama in my camera but ended up just enjoying the antics of both birds.  The Kinglet tried to hide himself in the shrubs and dart over to the feeders when he thought the hummer wasn’t looking.  The hummer finally perched himself  on a highly visible branch in the open and eventually the Kinglet gave up the day’s pursuit.  I’m certain he’ll be back tomorrow.

When Homer finally realized he was free of invaders for the time being, he spent quite a bit of time at the feeders and even at what remains of the salvia.  His gorget was quite gorgeous, even in the overcast light with no flash.

BH-AN 198

BH-AN 213

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