2017—Ardmore, OK

Monsoon season started a month late in Arizona and I just missed it by a week.  The storms have started in Prescott, AZ now, though and I was reminded of my storm-chasing adventure last year through the Midwest in late April.   Clouds are fun to enhance in Photoshop Plug-ins and I’ve been learning Luminar, the plug-in that seems to have become most photographers’ preferred choice since Google discontinued Nik earlier this year.  I decided to edit some of the photographs I took last year on that storm-chasing trip and I found this dramatic image that I took just outside Ardmore, OK.

Luminar Clouds.jpg

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  1. Thanks for motivating me to get Luminar now that our beloved NIK is an orphan – now to start all over again . . . Are you recommending any particular presets or preset packages? I got mine yesterday and am just clicking and exploring. Best. C–

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