2017—Is It Soup Yet?

For years I have been on a quest to find an excellent tomato basil soup recipe.  Of course I grew up on a 1950’s kitchen staple, Campbell’s Cream of Tomato Soup but when I tasted tomato basil soup for the first time at Elephant Bar Restaurant years ago, I knew that I probably wouldn’t be eating Campbell’s again.  Elephant Bar’s recipe has changed since I first began to enjoy eating it there and it’s missing something that is what drew me to it in the first place. I decided I need to find a recipe for it that satisfies.  I can’t quite put my finger on what Elephant Bar’s recipe is missing now.  It could be the perfect pinch of chili flakes that give it zip or just the right ratio of fresh basil to fresh tomatoes for that delectable Caprese touch or the delicious savory taste with the perfect texture.  Whatever it is, I’m still looking.  I’ve tried quite a few different versions but haven’t found The One.   I found a recipe for tomato basil soup by Ina Garten (AKA The Barefoot Contessa), a Food Network chef who consistently offers excellent recipes that I make again and again, and thought I’d give it a try.  As I write, it’s still bubbling away on the stove and it looks like this…it isn’t soup yet!

tomato basil.jpg

3 thoughts on “2017—Is It Soup Yet?

  1. Hey Carol. Save me a bowl of that delicious looking soup. It looks delicious. Great photo. Looks like you found another specialty, Food Photographer. See you at the next PCC meeting.

  2. Keep plugging & please feel free to share the recipe when you hit the perfect combination. It’s a favorite..

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