It’s mountain mandarin season!  There is no citrus fruit as delicious as a mountain mandarin.  They are as addictive as candy.  These juicy flavorful fruits are grown in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada and harvested this time of year.  The mandarins in the grocery stores are okay but they don’t come close to the sweet lusciousness of a freshly picked mountain mandarin.  I usually buy my mandarins from Doug at Doug’s Xmas Tree Lot in Rocklin.  He opens the lot in early November and stocks it with mandarins from Newcastle before he gets his Xmas trees.  I’ve already gone through a 5 pound bag from Doug but Thursday, my friend Jim brought me a bag of mandarins he picked from his own tree in Auburn.  These are even fresher and more delicious than the ones I get from Doug.


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