2016—Fox Squirrel

Sunday afternoon, Mady and I took a walk along Dry Creek.  Access to the creek was more open than in the past so we were able to walk along close to the water’s edge.  Of course Mady galloped into the water as soon as she was close enough but I reined her in before she jumped in completely.  I had a towel in the car and the back seat of my new Lincoln is protected  by a waterproof, dog friendly seat cover but I still didn’t want a dripping dog in the car.  We watched a California Gray Squirrel with its elegant tail nimbly cross a fallen log that spanned the gap between the creek edges and disappear across the creek.  I was surprised that Mady didn’t immediately plunge in after the squirrel but she waited patiently.  Then something behind us caught her attention and she sat down and refused to budge.  I heard it before I saw it.  This Fox Squirrel chattered  and scolded us for several minutes.  The entire time, Mady seemed transfixed but she didn’t attempt to get closer.  I guess if it’s up in a tree, she knows she can watch but she can’t chase.


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