It’s been almost a year since Mady came to visit.  My brother moved to Bend, Oregon this past November and Mady last came to stay with me in October before they moved.   After so much time, it was nice to see Mady when she arrived Friday.  I’m looking after her for a week.  It will be an interesting week.  The intense jealousy and competition for my attention between Mady, a 60 or so pound Golden Retriever and Bobo, my 12 ounce Red-lored Amazon Parrot, continues.  In a twisted moment of capricious whimsy, while I was at  PetCo Saturday morning, I bought Mady a blue stuffed parrot on which to take out some of her frustrations.  They had no green ones.  And, they don’t sell tiny stuffed golden retrievers for parrots to attack so Bobo will have to be satisfied with attacking the real Mady— that is, if Mady’s crazy enough to venture too near that beak.  She already knows what that feels like. She’s not afraid to attack her stuffed “Bobo” though.  I’m amazed that after almost two hours it is still mostly intact, although Mady does sport some telltale “feathers” in her jowls.   I’m  not sure how Bobo is dealing with this wanton”parroticide”  but as I was typing this, I heard a commotion and she somehow fell off her perch.  Mady checked out the situation from afar then went outside to continue her attack of the stuffed parrot.  Bobo climbed back up to her perch and seems none the worse for wear.    Later, Bobo peered out the (very dirty) window to watch Mady shredding the blue parrot to bits.





2 thoughts on “2016—Parroticide?

  1. Good Golly ! That title had me a bit scared to read on after seeing the premise of the article. Glad to hear the victim parrot was a mock parrot chew toy and intended victim.

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