2016—Danny’s Dollar

My post yesterday generated considerable interest about Danny and who he was or, who he is.  The actual dollar bill is going off to New York City where my nephew (yes, the same nephew who annotates my celestial photos) has offered to do some archival research.  In the mean time, I thought seeing the bill in its entirety might give a better picture of what I wrote about yesterday.  I placed the bill on a black matte board with a piece of glass on top to flatten it.  That meant I couldn’t use flash so I needed long exposures and I needed to block out any reflections from the windows. (50mm focal length; ISO 100; f/16; 15sec. [top photo] 25sec.[bottom photo].  I think the shutter speed difference resulted because I changed the angle of the shade I held to eliminate reflections.

If you are interested, you can get more information about the U. S. Army Transport Ship Octorara here and here.

Danny’s message starts on the reverse of the bill at the upper left corner and ends on the reverse at the pyramid with his signature and the date.


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  1. Now, the question is, who went and spent that dollar bill??!!! Maybe his mother was miffed that he didn’t buy writing paper… Could there be more correspondence of Danny’s in circulation?!

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