Once again, hummer activity at the fountain drew my attention. I opened the door and stepped outside with Big Bertha. Then, I heard a buzz near one of the feeders closer to me so I turned to focus on this male, beak and neck dappled with pollen, watching me warily from the perch on the feeder. The first is cropped to eliminate lots of blank space, although there is still quite a bit here. I didn’t want to move closer because I knew he’d fly away if I did. I cropped the second shot to a vertical 8X10 image. It’s interesting to me that the gorget in the first shot appears orange and coppery and pink while in the second, it’s more fuchsia colored. I watched the colors change through the viewfinder so it wasn’t the flash that changed the colors.

600 hummers -8061

600 hummers -8066

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