2015—The Kitchen Collection

My friend Melinda commented on the Italian Pepper I posted the other day that I had edited using the Topaz Impression colored pencils filter. She suggested I should start a “kitchen collection.” I took her suggestion to heart when I went to the grocery store for the first time since my return from NYC. I bought lots of veggies and because it’s fall, Whole Foods featured some odd pumpkins and gourds. Of course I bought a butternut squash to make soup and then I saw the tiger striped pumpkins. I have no idea if they’re edible but I liked their look and they were cheap enough to buy as a photo prop alone. Then, the requisite apples, cilantro, carrots, bell peppers, and Ciabatta to make croutons for the butternut squash soup all found their way into my grocery cart and in front of my lens. I edited these using the same colored pencil filter and assembled them into a collage using TurboCollage.

Kitchen Collection #2 collage

2 thoughts on “2015—The Kitchen Collection

  1. Edward Weston gained notoriety with a green pepper propped up in a funnel, you’re on the way with these interesting photos..

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