2015—Big Bertha Bird Fix

Sunday afternoon I needed a “bird” fix. I wanted to see if I could manage Big Bertha out in the field without any help. So, I loaded the car with Big Bertha, my Gitzo tripod with the new Zenelli’s gimbal head, my D7100 and the 1.4X teleconverter and ventured out to see if I could find some big birds to photograph.

I drove west on Elverta Road to the Garden Highway and saw nothing so I drove along some of the back roads through the rice fields that are being harvested now and still saw nothing so on my way home east on Elverta, I was forced to turn around because of a grass fire in a field. I turned onto Levee Road and saw an egret in Steelhead Creek, had a place to pull over, and did.

I took quite a few photos of three different egrets, a great blue heron and a red shouldered hawk that was hunting on the ground along with the heron and one of the egrets. I got a few shots of the three of them together but none of the shots was in perfect focus. I guess I have to figure out how to focus this lens because only a few of the many shots I took were in focus. The shots are cropped to a 9 X 16 ratio. I was standing quite a distance from this bird. I was atop the levee road, across the road and about a three hundred feet away.

600mm -6349

600mm -6334

2 thoughts on “2015—Big Bertha Bird Fix

  1. Nice shots.. with that lens all you need is a subject within range. The more you go out the more you’ll have that opportunity.

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