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I still need lots of work on my panning technique but I did have a few successful results from my trip to photograph the Texas Spring Migration last week. At the High Island Rookery, I took this sequence of six shots of a flying roseate spoonbill in a three second burst with my Nikon D800. After seeing these shots, I don’t plan to defect to Canon any time soon.

Galveston-2015 Day 1-344-2

Galveston-2015 Day 1-345-2

Galveston-2015 Day 1-346-2

Galveston-2015 Day 1-348-2

Galveston-2015 Day 1-349-2

Galveston-2015 Day 1-350-2

One response

  1. Carol,you got some great shots with the D800 – but just in case – you can use my Canon ANY TIME

    March 23, 2015 at 8:55 pm

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