2015—Dark Freesia

When I realized I hadn’t taken any new photographs for a couple of days, I decided the blooming freesia, my favorite, and to me the most fragrant, spring flower would be the perfect subject. But, the late afternoon breezes prevented me from getting in focus shots of the blossoms so I clipped a few and brought them inside. I had just given Bobo a spray bath and the spray bottle was setting on the counter so I spritzed the flowers and attached my macro lens for some closeups of water drops. Those shots proved to be rather uninteresting until I decided to use the speed light. Set to remote, I had the freedom to hold the flash wherever I wanted to direct the light. Some of the shots looked very “flashy” and I didn’t like them at all so I decreased the power of the flash to give the shot a dark look and I liked those shots, with the flash held to the left of the flower, best.