2014—A Balanced Meal

My recent trip to Europe so preoccupied me that I completely forgot that it is now Dungeness crab season along the north coast of California. My favorite seafood of any kind is Dungeness crab and I am never happier than when I have an entire crab to myself. With all of the hoopla about the impending catastrophic storm that has yet (as I write) to strike other than to drop steady and welcome amounts of rain in drought parched California, I made a quick stop at the supermarket late this morning to pick up something I needed. As I strode past the fish market, the huge pile of crabs caught my eye. What better food to have during a storm than fresh caught Dungeness crab. If the power does go out as they are predicting, no cooking is involved. And, with the bad weather, these are likely the last crabs we’ll have for a few days as the crab fisherman usually avoid the stormy weather. I veered over to the pile of crabs, selected a lovely 1 and 3/4 pound specimen and left the store a happy camper. This lovely crab will be my first crab indulgence of the season.

I haven’t visited my daily challenge group in many weeks and when I checked the list of available challenges today, one was “balanced.” All ten claws, five on each side, make up a balanced crab. I’ll balance out the meal with a loaf of sourdough French bread, maybe a squeeze of lemon, and a bottle of something red and delicious. A balanced meal, indeed!

D800 with 24-70mm lens; Focal Length 60mm; ISO 100; f/18; 6 second exposure. I used natural window light but decided to “balance” out the light using a little LED flashlight to even up the side away from the window.


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  1. A bed of lettuce, a hard boiled egg, some tomato & cucumber.. a Louie makes & a more balanced meal. A true favorite !

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