The Placer County mandarins are here. They started appearing just before I left for Europe and I had a taste then but today when I was in Rocklin getting my espresso beans from Vaneli’s, I stopped at the Xmas tree lot on Pacific St. where they sell 5 pound bags of sweet, juicy, delicious Satsuma mandarins grown in Penryn. I came home with two bags, enough Vitamin C to eradicate my cold. After devouring several, I decided to make them my photo of the day but just a pile of mandarins didn’t seem to do them justice. I elevated them a bit by placing a few in a wine glass. Of course, setting them on Bobo’s window seat to photograph them was too much for the curious bird. Down she came to investigate.



2 thoughts on “2014—Mandarins

  1. Gorgeous still life!!! I remember that place- I went with you last year. Hope you are feeling better!

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