2014—Les Rues du Paris

Here are some of the scenes I found to be irresistible on the streets of Paris today.

On La Rue Cler, buying fruit, selling mattresses, practicing jumps:

Paris Day 3-34

Paris Day 3-79

Paris Day 3-46

On La Place du Tertres, street artists practicing their craft, selling their paintings, and an organ grinder entertaining the crowd:

Paris Day 3-184

Paris Day 3-187

Paris Day 3-195

On Rue de Rivoli, in front of the Louvre, a gathering of young people attracting the attention of the police:

Paris Day 3-288

On the Pont au Double, near Notre Dame, a street musician enticing passersby to dance:

Paris Day 3-347

3 thoughts on “2014—Les Rues du Paris

  1. Fabulous shots- all! What a fantastic place for street photography- love the musician one, the artist one, the skateboarder- so cool!
    Wondering if you have taken any with your new camera. Maybe you said in some earlier posts. . .

  2. Europe has such charm. I guess I have really forgotten just how amazing it is. My memories from 43 years ago are dimming! Thanks for reminding me!

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