2014—And The Bees

I’ve posted quite a few bird photos in recent days so here are a couple of bees. Actually it’s the same bee gathering pollen and nectar from my garlic chives. I was outside during the harshest light of the day, right about noon. I was experimenting with the “program” setting on my D800. I still had to tweak these shots a little and of course they’re cropped quite a bit as I used my D800 with the 24-70mm lens. I guess I’ll keep shooting in manual mode.

Day 244-21-2

Day 244-7-3

2 thoughts on “2014—And The Bees

  1. Nice Bee shots. Rather than Program Mode most photographers I know use Aperture Mode then all you have to worry about is getting an adequate shutter speed for your needs either by adjusting the aperture or ISO.

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