2014—Practicing For Costa Rica

I’m traveling to the Rain Forest of Costa Rica in January 2015 on another photography workshop with Moose Peterson and Kevin Dobson of K&M Adventures. I obtained my 80-400mm lens in anticipation of that trip and I’ve been practicing with it. Most of the bird shots I’ve posted in this blog recently were taken with that lens. I love it. So, Sunday, when I had an opportunity, as the volunteer photographer for the California Foundation for Birds of Prey, a non-profit raptor rehabilitation organization, to document the CFBP’s participation in the San Francisco Caledonian Club’s annual Scottish Gathering and Games held in the Bay Area, I took that lens with me. I was excited to find a new, to me, bird at the event. Not that I don’t get excited about all the magnificent raptors I’m privileged to photograph, I still do, but this adorable, cuddly looking baby spectacled owl, a native of the rain forest of Central and South America, including Costa Rica, really caught my attention. Kate Marden of West Coast Falconry has had him about 4 weeks. I can’t help posting several shots because I couldn’t decide which I liked best and this face is so irresistible I had to share them. As you can see in the last shot, he is very content with Kate. She scratches around his head, neck, and eyes, and he is in ecstasy.

CFBP Scottish Games-38

CFBP Scottish Games-212

CFBP Scottish Games-225

CFBP Scottish Games-255

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  1. What a great opportunity to see this owl up close- or maybe you weren’t that close with that long lens! Cute owl!!! Yes you are ready for Costa Rica!

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