2014—What A Difference A Day Makes

Twenty-four little hours. Well, to be exact, 22 little hours and 45 little minutes. I tried hand holding another moon shot, this time with the Vibration Reduction set to “on” and I was more successful this morning. In addition, the moon was a bit higher in the sky causing me to lean back a bit so the camera rested on my face steadying it even more.

This morning, the moon is in its “last quarter” phase. They sky actually had blue in it this morning when I took the shot but the smaller aperture and finer ISO made it darker than yesterday’s shot.

Focal Length 400mm, ISO 200, f/13, 1/200

Day 258-6

2014—Waning Gibbous

I missed the last Super Moon so Sunday morning when I was outside about 8 AM before leaving for the gym, I noticed that the waning gibbous moon was still in the sky. I took a few shots, hand holding the camera which is not what I normally do when I photograph the moon. I usually clamp the camera (or in the case of the 80-400mm lens, clamp the lens itself) firmly to its tripod and use the remote or timer to take the shots to avoid as much camera shake as possible. I discovered, much later, that not only did I not use a tripod or timer, the vibration reduction was turned off. I don’t know when I might have turned it off. It’s likely been off for a while now because I only turn it off when I use a tripod and I haven’t used the tripod with the 80-400 lens in weeks because I want to practice hand holding it as steady as possible. This may explain my recent disappointments with less than perfectly focused images.

Note to self: Pay attention!

I was pleased to see that the moon shots I took were in fairly decent focus, despite hand holding the camera. While not as good as when I use the tripod, they were acceptably clear. It must mean I’m getting better at hand holding this monster lens but I still have a long way to go. And the moon is a stationary object (more or less) not an erratically moving creature. So, it’s practice, practice, practice, and more practice.

Day 257-2-2