One new photograph, almost every day of the year

2014—Glad About You

When I went into Trader Joe’s on Tuesday afternoon, I was greeted by a huge display of gladioli, traditionally, the August birth flower. What drew me to these spiked beauties was not that the gladiolus is my birth flower but that Trader Joe’s was selling a bunch of 5 stems for $1.99! I love having fresh flowers in the house and because my roses are not currently producing many blooms, I bought three bunches. I now have a stunning, three foot tall bouquet of fire engine red gladioli.

I couldn’t decide how to take a decent photograph of the entire bouquet so I used my macro lens and went in close on one of the flowers. This reminds me a little of a Georgia O’Keefe painting. I edited the shot in Perfect Effects 8.

Focal Length 105mm, ISO 500, f/20, 1/2s

Day 239-20-Edit-3

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