2014—Tootsie Pop

Faith joined Noelle, her Mom and my personal trainer, and me at our session Friday morning for the first, and possibly the last, time. This rambunctious four year old tried as hard as she could to be good after promising that she would stay out of our way and watch a video while her mother coached me through a workout. Faith grew up around a gym and is athletic and very agile. She is not the kind of child that can sit still and watch videos for long so the video was quickly abandoned for some of the more entertaining gym equipment. A few admonitions from Mom subdued Faith briefly but she could contain herself only so long and it was just a matter of time before something happened.

As I kneeled on the mat clutching a 15 pound kettle bell with my right hand and repeatedly lifting it in a rowing exercise, a ball suddenly rolled onto the mat and bounced off the kettle bell. It was a small, lightweight inflatable ball and it did no harm but that was the last straw for Noelle who has incredible patience and does not raise her voice but is definitely in charge of her children. A couple of sharp words from Noelle and a directive that Faith issue an apology to me were met by Faith hanging her head in embarrassment and a few tears spilled onto her mother’s shoulder. It was several minutes before Faith managed to utter a barely audible “I’m sorry.” Of course I accepted it immediately and told her that I knew she didn’t mean to do it. It was a very minor incident and it was hard for me not to burst out laughing during the entire event but I didn’t want to make Noelle’s job more difficult or embarrass Faith any more than she already was.

Faith is used to me and my camera so after my workout session, I asked if I could take some photos. She was reticent at first, still a bit embarrassed by the earlier incident but finally she looked up and smiled. I think this shot is adorable and reflects her impish nature. When we parted ways, she shouted “Bye Carol!” We are once again friends.

I call this post “Tootsie Pop” because I edited it in Perfect Effects 8 using a preset filter with that name but I think it might be a good nickname for Faith.

Focal Length 70mm; ISO 500; f/2.8; 1/160


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