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Wednesday afternoon, Honora and I took a drive around areas of Santa Rosa I haven’t seen in more than 40 years. We drove along rural oak lined Mark West Springs Road on the outskirts of town to the old Mark West Springs Lodge with its quaint grape vine arbor than still spans the roadway with bright green grape leaves and a few small clusters of grapes. The Lodge has been closed for years and has fallen into disrepair but I was intrigued by the arbor and discovered a coiled tendril that looks more like a wad of rusted wire than a natural piece of grape vine.

I edited this shot in Perfect Effects 8 and added a grunge filter and a vintage filter called Dirty Bird that makes the tendril appear even more like a piece of rusty metal and adds a texture that appears to create a faux wall behind it.

Santa Rosa -9-2-Edit

One response

  1. Crystal

    Your work is incredible! You really should watermark it so people can know who you are, and give you credit for your work without stealing it!

    March 10, 2017 at 10:44 am

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