2014—Terror Update

At the end of today’s blog post, I pondered what events today might bring. As it turns out, the terror theme seems to continue. We awoke to discover damage from the prior evening’s thunderstorm had taken its toll on the RV Park, explaining the loud “bang” we’d heard about 7:30 as we ate dinner. Not fifty feet away from our trailer, one of La Pine’s pine trees was decapitated either by the high winds or by a bolt of lightening. The heavy limb crashed through the roof of the mobile home of one of the park’s permanent residents. When he saw me with my camera he asked if I would take photos for his insurance claim. A stroll around the area revealed another large pine decapitated over the park’s entrance. The tree service is coming later today. I didn’t have to wait too long today to discover today’s scary event.

Harvey -40

Harvey -12-2

One thought on “2014—Terror Update

  1. Wow! Terror in Oregon- details at 11:00! It cracks me up that you are now doing insurance photos- that’s MY job! Wondering what the rest of your day has been like!?!?

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