2014—Cleaning Out The Fridge

I’m going away for a week so I needed to eliminate the possibility that something scary growing in my fridge might pull the door shut when I tried to open it on my return home, a sure sign that the fridge needs cleaning out. I poked around in the refrigerator to see what had to go. I found half a golden honeydew melon, a few strawberries from Granny May’s strawberry farm nearby, and some withering blueberries. There were also some rather alarming inedibles buried in the crisper drawers that may have predated my trip to Arizona. Their appearance was more of a science project gone very wrong than a food that might grace a dinner plate and I suspected that unless I discarded them immediately, they might indeed grow into one of those refrigerator monsters. However, since the fruit was still edible, I thought it would make a delicious breakfast. And, when I put it on the plate, I loved how the contrasting shapes and colors looked together in the morning window light so I delayed eating while I practiced some food photography.

Day 221-5-2

Day 221-9

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