2014—R.I.P. Abraham Darby

I could blame it on the drought but, sadly, it was my utter neglect that allowed my beautiful and intoxicatingly fragrant David Austin rose, Abraham Darby to succumb in its pot to lack of water. To be fair to me, it has been scraggly and unhealthy in recent years and had produced only two or three blooms in a season. Although it would probably have limped along for another few years if I had bothered to water it occasionally, it has not been beautiful for quite a long time and was more annoying to me than a thing of beauty to enjoy, as are most of my roses. I love David Austin roses with their heady fragrances and old rose look, blossoms crowded with petals. I plan to redo my yard and when I do, I’ll give Abraham Darby another chance. In the meantime, I took this shot in late afternoon backlight that I found quite appealing, despite the death that it silhouetted.


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