2014—Arizona Skies And . . .?

I returned home after a week in Arizona a few days ago and I saw no UFOs while I was there. But, that got me to thinking about my previous visit to Arizona in late October when my attempts at photographing the Milky Way resulted in a so-so shot of the Milky Way (the white balance is all wrong) but I also captured a UFO which I featured in this blog post. And it remains a UFO. I still have no idea what it might be. I decided to review my Grand Canyon photographs from February 2013 to see if anything unusual appeared in the Arizona skies and, much to my surprise and awe, the source of the God Beam I was so thrilled to capture was revealed in one of the photos I apparently overlooked until now. 🙂

Grand Canyon-102-Edit-2

3 thoughts on “2014—Arizona Skies And . . .?

  1. Amazing capture ! You should notify The Discovery Channel. If you don’t like the White Balance change the Color Temperature in Lightroom it will make the image warmer or cooler.

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