2014—Cloudless Skies

It is monsoon season in Arizona and I had visions of billowy cumulous clouds and massive thunderheads accompanied by lightening and thunder and rain squalls followed by rainbows. Although we had a few clouds on Friday when we visited the Granite Dells, the skies have been virtually cloudless during my visit. So on Sunday afternoon, when we drove to Sedona for sunset views of Cathedral Rock, we were excited that the sky was filled with wispy cirrus clouds that would reflect the colors of the setting sun stunningly behind the red rock formations. After dining at a local Sedona tavern, we took the winding road to find the iconic view of the rocks reflected in water. As the sun dipped low in the sky and dusk enveloped us, we came to the “end of the road” without finding our intended destination and we were unprepared for a hike so we turned around and headed back. We were happy at least to find some views at a couple of turnouts but by the time we focused our cameras on our target, all of the clouds were gone and the skies were hazy from a nearby wildfire. A little tweaking in Lightroom revealed the one tiny pink cloud that remained.





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