2014—Oh, Frabjous Day

I grew up not liking (I guess you could say hating) corn, especially canned creamed corn which made me gag and made me hate any type of corn whether it was canned, frozen or fresh. I never joined in the ecstasy that seemed to come over people who bit into a juicy ear of freshly steamed corn dripping with butter…that is, until I discovered grilled corn on the cob. Oh, frabjous day! And thank you Lewis Carroll for coining the word frabjous in “Jabberwocky,” meaning joyful, delightful, delicious, wonderful; it perfectly describes my new feelings about corn on the cob. Almost candy sweet, with a bit of snappy crunch, juicy and smoky with just a bit of char mixed in. And served with a bit of herbed butter, using basil, oregano, chives, and tarragon fresh from my garden, I can now understand the ecstasy people exhibit while indulging themselves in this summer treat. How could I have lived my life without this sumptuous food? I’m lucky to live near Sloughhouse, CA which produces this most wonderful sweet corn. I’ll say it again…oh, frabjous day!!!

Day 196-5

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