2014—On God Beams and Full Moons

Both a God Beam and a full moon occurred at my home Sunday. I’m not quite sure what the significance of that is but those events came in the midst of a delightful visit from Katie and Carly, a couple of my favorite people, who joined me for dinner Sunday. First, the God Beam broke through aimed straight at my Weber as it grilled an incredible flat iron steak that we devoured with great gusto. I don’t know if the God Beam affected the steak but I’ll always welcome one that blesses my Weber. Then, whether it was the wine, the company, or the full moon which is assumed not only to affect the tides but human behavior as well, we laughed and giggled, and thoroughly enjoyed each other and the evening. So, here’s to God Beams and Full Moons. May they bring joy to everyone who encounters them.

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