2014—Emigrant Gap

I accompanied a friend on a business trip to Reno Thursday and on the way home, we stopped at “Vista Point” on I-80 because neither of us had ever stopped there to see the “vista.” As it turns out, the “vista” is Emigrant Gap, a hazardous portion of the emigrant trail over the Sierra Nevada in the mid 1800’s where wagons had to be lowered by ropes to the floor of Bear Valley to navigate the treacherous passage.

I took the shot at mid afternoon and it was bright, sunny, with just a bit of haze so I decided to give the photo a more vintage look. Barely visible in the shot is a commemorative cross, apparently erected at some point to commemorate the hazardous Sierra crossings. I didn’t notice the cross until I viewed the photos on my computer. It can be seen, if you look closely, in the lower left quadrant of the photo.

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One thought on “2014—Emigrant Gap

  1. Great interpretation of a historic spot with a vintage effect. Allegedly there are rope marks on the trees near that overlook left from lowering the wagons over the precipice. I’ve also heard that they were eradicated in the building of the viewpoint. I’ve looked superficially, but have been unable to locate them.

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