2014—Get It Off Me!

Last evening, as the temperature dipped ever so slightly, at least enough for me to venture outside with my glass of Ménage à Trois and enjoy the early evening in my yard, I noticed one of the hummers perched on the edge of the fountain. Of course my camera was in my lap, the D7100 with the 80-400 attached with the ISO set to 800 (!) so I took several shots. I noticed the hummer was trying to get something off its beak and flew to a twig in the shrubs and tried to shake it off. I hope eventually the hummer got it off its beak. When the hummer flew off, one of the lesser goldfinches landed on the fountain and looked at me as if to say, “you still here?” So I left.

It was almost 8PM when I took these shots and the sun had dipped completely behind the fence so I should have upped the ISO or opened the aperture. As it was, each of these shots needed a full stop increase in exposure. Once again, not great shots but with practice, I’ll get better.

Day 183-28

Day 183-62

Day 183-64

Day 183-83

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