2014—Invasion Of The White Flies

I noticed that the house sparrows were eating something on the crape myrtle trees on my patio so I thought I’d practice with the long lens again, this time, from inside my house, standing in the doorway. The return of the glorious Delta breeze has brought the temperatures down 20 degrees so I can keep the door open without worrying that all the cool air will escape. After downloading the half dozen shots I took of the house sparrow family, I could see what they were eating and I realized I have an invasion of white flies which could explain why my crape myrtles are so pathetic looking.

And I realize the composition of this shot isn’t great, what with the sparrow disappearing out the bottom of the shot but I did crop out the excess green at the top of the shot. Today’s experience taught be another thing about my new, monster lens: it is so heavy that if I need to adjust it on the tripod, I have to really be careful and take my time so I don’t lose control and have the camera, lens, and tripod all fall over. Adjustments aren’t as easily made because of the heft and bulk of the lens. Better to lose a shot than the camera and lens! OK, house sparrows. Keep up the onslaught!

Day 162-7

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