2014—No Jive

When the last Smothers Brothers’ Comedy Hour was televised in late 1988, Tommy Smothers was Yo-Yo Man. I was captivated by his feats of Yo and I bought cheap plastic yo-yos and tried to learn how to walk the dog and a few other amateur yo-yo tricks. A dear friend, hearing me talk incessantly about Tommy Smothers and the yo-yo, one day presented me with an official Tom Kuhn No-Jive 3 in 1 Yo-Yo, the same model that Tommy Smothers used on his show. I was thrilled. The Yo-Yo is in perfect condition with its original box, string, a spool of extra string, and a couple of yo-yo how-to booklets. I don’ know if Tommy Smothers is still into “YO” but I know that Tom Kuhn still makes yo-yos in San Francisco because I follow him on Facebook. I don’t exactly know why I follow him because I haven’t Yo’d myself in 25 years but when I saw that a recent Flickr challenge was “string” I couldn’t think of any better string to photograph than the one attached to my Yo-Yo.

I set my No Jive 3 in 1 Yo-Yo on on a mirror in front of a window with a diffuser behind it. The problem I had was that from the angle I took the shot, the yo-yo looked as if it were tipping forward so I rotated it 90°. Obviously, the reflection is on the left.

D800, Focal Length 70mm, ISO 100, f/13, 1/2 sec. shutter speed

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