And it was lunchtime, not quite 12:30 and I was finishing a salad for my own lunch when I noticed a hummer at the feeder. I opened the door and the hummer retreated; I’m pretty certain there’s a nest because it always disappears in the same area of the shrubs. I leaned against the door jamb, holding the Monster lens and in a few seconds, the hummer returned. It was quite comfortable sitting and drinking, then pausing, then drinking again. I would fire off several shots in a burst, never able to anticipate when it was going to fly off , but I liked the shots I captured today for their clarity and, in this one, its tiny tongue is visible; I am very impressed with this lens. And, of course, I bought it for photographing birds. It’s doing its job.

I was about 18 feet away from the hummingbird and was able to hand hold the camera to get this shot. ISO 100, Focal Length 400mm (effectively 560mm with the D7100), f/5.6, 1/250

day 163-39