2014—The Man In The Moon

The Man in the Moon looked down on me tonight, as I took a few shots with my new monster lens with its 1.4X teleconverter, making it an 840mm lens since I was using the crop frame D7100 camera body. I am discovering that with this lens, I can’t be quite as cavalier as I’m used to being when I take photos. Besides composition and exposure settings which I’m pretty comfortable with, some thought about steadying the camera is necessary. A tripod is almost always needed and I took these shots in the “mirror up” setting to eliminate camera shake as well as using the wireless remote shutter release. Alas, the very welcome Delta Breezes kicked in so, while I’m not complaining, the slightest whisper of a breeze caused some movement of the camera and lens. I think I will need to get a monster tripod and ballhead to keep this lens rock solid. I did crop this shot although the with the 840mm lens, it was fairly large in the frame.

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