2013—Day 333—Crab Boats

I found myself unexpectedly in San Francisco at Fisherman’s Wharf yesterday and photographed this row of fishing boats there. After looking at the shot and all of these beautiful boats with their brightly painted trim, I decided to see what the shot would look like edited in Perfect B&W. I much prefer the edited version to the original. The boats in this shot look weathered and raw and ready to go out again tomorrow morning for another catch of, yes, Dungeness Crab, which is what drew me to San Francisco in the first place. A nontraditional Thanksgiving dinner at my house today is cracked Dungeness Crab and San Francisco Sourdough bread. One of the loaves I bought is a sourdough loaf shaped like a turkey so turkey WILL be served here on Thanksgiving. It will just have a different texture!

Day 332-30-Edit

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