2013—Day 311—SOOC

Last night I took a class at Action Camera called “Stunning Portraits” with a photographer named David Guy Maynard. The class was part lecture, part instruction, part sales hype, part hands on photography. We had an opportunity to try some of the gizmos that photographers love to buy, whether they ever use them or not.

He was adamant about setting custom white balance, and, after I tried it, I now own my very own Expodisc (my photo buddy, Melinda, has used one for a couple of years). I have tried custom WB before but was always frustrated by the randomness of my results. The Expodisc works every time. I also used a Flash Bender to bounce the flash instead of directing it at Jesse, the model. I wish I had Flash Benders when I photographed the wedding in September. It would have made my life much easier. Of course, I now own one of their Large Soft Box Kits.

This shot is straight out of the camera. It is a bit overexposed and there is a harsh shadow under Jesse’s chin but I am generally pleased with the outcome. The WB is perfect and if I had played with the Flash Bender a bit more, or posed the model differently, I think I could have reduced that shadow.

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