2013—Day 312—More Bliss

The light changed so I had to photograph “Bliss” again. It actually glows but my photo doesn’t show it. I’ll have to figure out how to photograph it so that the depth of color emerges.

This shows the bottom half; it hangs vertically over my mantel. Each glass tile is about 3 inches square and the overall piece is 9X24 inches.

Day 312-6-3

Day 312—Bliss

On my last day in Arizona, Melinda and I spent time strolling through some of the many art galleries in Prescott. At Ian Russell’s Gallery, we were both struck by the stunning work of Tanya Garvis whose glass on copper pieces are gorgeous. “Bliss” reminded us both of some pieced velvet fabric we both remember having in about 1970. I couldn’t stop thinking about “Bliss” and decided it had to be mine. I bought it and had it shipped home. “Bliss” arrived today. I hung it over my mantel and the design and colors are perfect for the room—just my style.

Photographing it was not so easy. The piece measures 9″ by 24″ and I hung it vertically and I wanted to photograph it alone, without walls or anything else showing. I first tried photographing it with my D800 and the 24-70 lens up close and but the mantel kept the tripod too far away and I couldn’t get the angle I wanted. So, I set the D7100 with the 70-200mm lens on the tripod about 6 feet away and got the shots I wanted.

I also used my Expodisc for white balance. I discovered that setting white balance from the light reflecting off the piece produced a very cool white balance, not at all what it looks like in this room so I set the white balance by reading the light from the lamp next to the camera. Perfect white balance.

Day 312-8-2